5 ways you can use the pandemic to grow your business

So, this title is a teeny tiny bit clickbaity and cliche, HOWEVER, this blog is going to be full to the rafters with ways for you to spin this pandemic on it's head and to get it working for you

  1. Your story sells

I'm not lying and i'm also not saying to run to the Daily Mail with a story from a night out circa 2015 however, being honest about the story of your business, how you started, your highlights and how you're coping in this pandemic SELLS. Why? For the first time in our lives, everyone is in the same boat (or oil tanker) and the experience of a pandemic is now relatable. By sharing a story people can relate to, builds a relationship and a level of trust and we all know that relationships and trust lead to business and repeat business at that. Just say your story, sing your story however you choose to do it, sell your story.

2. Your target audience aren't where they used to be

At WCS, we do big work with our clients based on identifying / engaging and converting target audiences. Meeting them where they're at and providing them with the content they want to see, not what you think they want to see. However, the pandemic means that your target audience may not be hanging (or hiding) out in the same places they were before. Take it back to the drawing board, dive into those analytics and really understand where your target audience is or even if your target audience has changed slightly. Are the same people buying your products/services the same people buying them now? This might surprise you. Once you've pinned them down, you can retailor your content. Pandemic or not, I'd advise evaluating your TA every quarter.

3. More time and more attention

Now it's sad to admit it but we've all got a little more time than we did before. In my case it's fewer playdates, fewer nights out, fewer meals and coffee dates and much more work/work/work. This is not negative and again it's something that is the same for everyone. Naturally, we've been presented with a time in our lives where we have been granted more time and less distractions. Instead of in-person coffee meetups, we take them online. Everything is now online, which is pretty perfect if you're looking to grow your business. Get online and get a great strategy in place, little to no field marketing and you can almost guarantee that your target audience is spending a big chunk of their time (or especially more than usual) online each day / week. Go grab their attention

4. Sadly, less competitors

This is the nature of the beast/pandemic. Businesses have closed. It's forced many to reevaluate funds and where they spend their time. Either packing up that side hustle or having to spend time at the 2nd job in a supermarket. The reality is that... some of your competitors may have dropped off the radar, and as sad as that is, it really should be a time for you to a) be grateful but also b) be ready to step in and pick up the pieces/clients. Keeping an eye on your competitors in times such as this is imperative. How is their business coping? Have they made moves that have benefited them? Are things not going as well? Doing this could forebode a change in your market/niche and could give you a nice heads-up or kick up the bum to push on. Regardless of your own interests, be kind and willing to reach out to fellow competitors. There's enough business for us all and you never know, they might really need a pep talk.

5. Refocus and realign.

Maybe you've been putting off refining your business. Looking at your products/services and really seeing if they fit/align with your values. A rebrand, a refocus. In the normal rat race of life, it's very difficult to think outside of the daily happenings but if anythings going to stop you in your tracks... it's a pandemic. If you haven't yet spent some time reviewing your business plan (or writing one if you don't have one) and figuring out a clear plan AND the steps on how you can get there. Times have changed since the last time you wrote your business plan so it's likely you'll have to do some pivoting (PIVOT! PIVOT!)


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