6 things I’ve loved about July 2019

July. Month 7 out of 12, schools out for summer (parents, may the force be with you!) and the deadliest time of year for hayfever. July always seems to be a bit special for me - we’re in the height of summer and that extra bit of Vitamin D seems to be doing everyone the world of good. Everyone feels happier and a bit more tanned.

  1. Cardiff Sunshine

Do these words even go together? Surprisingly as of late, they do. We’ve been having some proper lush sunshine in the ‘Diff. My holiday clothes haven't just been used for a holiday which is a first! I’ve lived in Cardiff for 4 years now and I must say there is nowhere quite like it in the sun. Heading down the Bay for a cocktail, or finding an outdoor table on Mill Lane for a cocktail or heading to Bute Park for a picnic (and a cocktail?), there's just such a good vibe and feel in the air. I’ve never been a complainer of the heat because winter will soon be upon us and me and my trusty parker will be reunited but in some situations the heat is a little bit of a hindrance, for example; carrying a (chunky) 8-month-old baby on your hip or pulling a squirming baby out of a soft play ball pit in 29-degree heat - it can be very SWEATY business. But all in all, good job Cardiff - keep up the good work.

  1. 24

My 24th orbit around the moon. Chapter 24. Day number 8766. I turned 24 and quite literally had the time of my life. My friends and family sacrificed their entire weekend to celebrate my 24 years of existence. Day drinking on day one followed by ‘The Hangover BBQ’ round ours the next day. How did we host a BBQ for 30 people and look after a baby on a pretty bad hangover? Not sure but I loved every second and couldn't be more grateful for the awesome, fantastic and pretty hilarious group of friends I have. You’re all lush but for the record, I don't want to see a shot of ‘Tequila Rose’ for a long time.

  1. B is on the move

Pray for us. The game just levelled up and my back is broken because…WE HAVE A CRAWLER. You know when people say, “Oh it gets tough when they start to crawl, you won't need the gym!” ...why didn't anyone actually explain the extent of this? How I won't be able to make a cup of tea without the fear of B pulling the lamp onto his head or drinking out of the dogs' bowl (this has happened). I need 15 pairs of eyes, 4 pairs of hands and a straight jacket to keep him still. It really is beautiful seeing B explore and discover new things and you can see the excitement on his face as he spiderman’s across the floor towards our poor poor dog (she now spends her entire time running away from said Spiderbaby) but it saddens me that he’s growing up and time really is going so fast and my little B is starting to be that little more independent. Next stop, University.

  1. Costas’ Caramel Cortado

Well, this is a game-changer for any coffee lover. I’ve never had a cortado before but it did not disappoint. After dancing around a wasp in the queue (honesty, I must've looked mental) I went for it and ordered “A sugar-free caramel cortado with coconut milk” and it was beautiful. Smooth and creamy but packed punch on the caffeine front. It put a spring into my step as I headed off for an important meeting. 10/10 Costa, I’ll be back (Terminator-style).

  1. Crazy Rich Asians

I feel that I may be a little late to the party on this one? The baby’s in bed and we’re scrolling through Sky looking for something to watch and I can sense the Rom-Com vs Marvel / Sci-fi debate lurking. The other half refuses to watch another Rom-Com on a Saturday night as the majority of our movie nights in the past have only ever had 2 contenders, The Devil Wears Prada or 27 Dresses. So the next day, I go this alone - fully hoping it will be good enough to be added to my favourite rom-com list but all the same a little dubious that it may be a bit cliché / seen it all before. I was pleasantly surprised. A fresh take on boy-gets girl, rich meets more with a warm and fuzzy ending. Very cliché but it gave me everything I want from a Rom-Com. By the end, you’ll be booking a flight to Singapore and ordering in your favourite Dim-Sum. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it made it into my favourites.

  1. The leap of faith

My blog. I bit the bullet, bought some new gadgets and put pen to paper (well, its more finger to keyboard but that really doesn't have the same ring to it!) I mean, it's still a bit weird that I'm even writing this and that people are taking their time out to read my stuff but all I can say is a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out to say how much they enjoyed one of the blogs and that they can't wait to read the next. I'm excited to see where ‘WhatChelseaSaid’ goes and hope to keep writing stuff you guys want to read! Till next time...


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