Banana Bread vs Working extra hard in lockdown.

It could’ve been so easy. I speak in the past tense because lockdown is being to be eased, we’re able to get out more and cabin fever is to be a thing of the past but upon reflection. However it wasn't easy. It was hard. It was tiring. It got old... really quick.

However, I took great comfort in the creature comforts of our home and how everyone was in the exact same position.

In my mind, there were two pools on people during lockdown. The getting-stuff-done-and-toning-my-bum kind and the lets-make-dalonga-coffee-and-eat-whilst-the-gyms-are-closed. Now you don’t have to agree with me on this and I definitely dont mean to cause offence (you do you boo, no judgement here) but this was an observation of mine in the early weeks of being barricaded into our homes. The nation divided. Working from home on the left, Tiktok’ers on the right. Considering the number of hours I spent watching TikTok videos, it’s probably fair to say I sit somewhere towards centre-left.

I found myself battling with myself, do I let myself just go do what I want when I want, eat what I want, sleep when I want? But knowing the person I am, a sucker for routine, stubborn, a bit lazy, I figured falling down this rabbit hole would be a really bad thing for me. It takes me long enough in the mornings to get up when we’re not in lockdown, I have to force myself to workout when we’re not in lockdown, so how hard would it be for me AFTER lockdown if I threw my routine away? Really blinking hard.

So I kept my routine, within limits. I’ve still worked out and am yet to bake banana bread (I will) but what I was really committed to using the time wisely and really levelling up my business. So did I? Damn right, but HOW?

I jumped out of my comfort zone - will both feet. I love knowledge. Knowledge is power, yes but also knowledge connects people. I decided to share my knowledge in lockdown and host online workshops via Zoom (obviously) sharing my best hints and tips on all things social media marketing and digital marketing. Were they a success? YES! Did I put some new faces to names and network? YES learn something new? YES! Did I get great feedback? YES! A lockdown positive

I had the opportunity to work on some passion projects. Of course, some of my clients paused working with me, this was completely expected and completely understandable considering we are in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC… but I felt the need to keep on keeping on so instead of scheduling client work I scheduled my own content and worked on some projects that we’re passionate to me and that I could add to my portfolio/showcase. Have I used my showcase/portfolio since? YES Have I secured new contracts? YES!

Now in no way is this a “WOW, look at me I’m amazing post” - it’s quite far from that actually. It’s an appreciation post for how well us human beings and especially us freelancers and business owners can survive under extreme pressure.

Relationships, finances, businesses, health have all been put under strain in these 12 weeks but guess what? We live to tell the tale and we are part of the history that will be taught in schools in years and years to come.

I suppose this blog post will serve as a reminder to me that when the tough really gets going, if I can build and maintain my business, my relationship, my health and wellbeing through these last 12 weeks then I really am stronger than I thought and you know what? YOU ARE TOO.


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