Life is too short.

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard this, I would not be writing this and I’d be playing with the pigs in the Bahamas but its a cliché isn’t it? So much so, I think it’s lost its true meaning. But when you start to think about it; life really is short and everything could go down the pan tomorrow. Maybe start practising living like those plaques everyone has in their home. ‘Live.Life.Love’ because life is simply too short to...

...drink mediocre wine

Picture this. Its a 30-degree day (lol joke, we live in Wales), you’re in the garden with all of your closest pals, your best BBQ playlist on the go and you go to take a sip of your wine and yuck. Vinegary, paint stripper-esque and horribly bitter. Want to know the worst part of this upsetting situation? Instead of chucking it in the bin (where let's be honest, it probably deserves to be), we carry on drinking! Unsatisfied but booze is booze, right? No! You’d never wear a horrid dress just because you need to wear a dress. You’d pick something different, something you actually like and feel good in. So, go for the good stuff, in my case, the smooth pale Pinot Grigio Blush. Fork out for it, buy 5 bottles, enjoy every sip, because who deserves a nice cold glass of vino that they enjoy more than you do?

...try and keep up with the Jones'

We see it every day. Instagram full of everyone's’ nice things. New on-trend clothes, fresh white trainers, swanky 19 plate cars and if you look for too long it can make you feel a bit rubbish or that you need to up your game. But it shouldn't and we simply shouldn't allow it. Our lives (and our Instagram feeds) should be full of things that make us feel good, inspire us to inspire someone else, stories that make us want to be a better or kinder person. If we are constantly looking at the next best thing and how we get there, aren’t we missing the now? The things happening right in front of us. Beautiful, wonderful things. When was the last time you looked back and appreciated how far you’ve come as an individual, couple or family over the months/years? For me, if I follow a page or account, that makes me think ‘oh, my life’s rubbish compared to theirs’ or ‘I wish I was them’’ then Unfollow, Ciao Bella, because your little life is wonderful and nobody should be able to steal your joy. As Tommy Fury would say, We’re too blessed to be stressed. not be your biggest fan

We all put ourselves down, I’m the worst for it. If you ask me now what I don’t like about myself, you’d get a solid list but ask me what I do like about myself and you’ll get an awkward let’s-not-talk-about-me look. Why as men and women do we not big ourselves up a little? Let’s take a trip to the girls' toilets on a night out for example (guys, stay with me) ...that is the place to be if you need a little confidence boost. ‘Love your dress, hun’ ‘Oh my god, you’re beautiful’. You will find the most genuine, honest and sincere compliments thrown around in a women's loo and it is great, you walk out of the toilets like you’re about to feature on the cover of Vogue (hair flick included) but why does it take 15 large rosés’ and a couple of tequilas for us to big each other up. We should be doing this all the time. Instead of picking the things we like about ourselves, the first thing we pull out in a conversation is “I hate my nose” and imitate a scene we all know from Mean Girls about we talk about your cover girl long legs and your dreamy Disney princess-esque hair instead? We just don’t do it, but we should because how great would we all feel if we focused on what we love instead of the small things we don’t. not wear SPF

Stay out the sun people or just make sure you’ve got a decent SPF. We all love a good tan - even me! Mixed race people go pale too, y’know. But it is only recently, I’ve discovered how bad the sun can damage your skin and give you all sorts of nasty frown and wrinkle lines. Our skin is so sensitive and the suntan we all long for can be so dangerous. I’d say swap your hours of basking in the sun for some fake tan but life's too short for that too. Embrace the pale. not send a rubbish meal back to the kitchen

Is there anything quite like seeing your meal coming from the kitchen to your table when you’re in a restaurant? They place it down, excitement builds and oh, I wasn’t expecting that. Nobody enjoys that feeling. Eating out should be an experience every time and no restaurant wants to serve you a bad meal and they definitely want your repeat custom. So politely send it back, you are the one paying after all! not make time for yourself

Self-care is a trend in 2019. I see it talked about everywhere and I couldn't be more onboard for it. Life is busy, everyone is busy - there aren’t enough hours in the day but there should be. Take that bubble bath, read that book that you bought so long ago. Do something for you. not take the leap

What have you been thinking and thinking and thinking about doing/starting but never have? Why haven’t you? So many people play around with ideas in their heads but never but plans in place. For me, starting this blog was a biggie. Who in their right mind would want to read what I’ve got to say? I thought this for a long while and then realised… I’m not doing it for anyone else. I mean, I’m glad you’re here guys and reading my ramblings but this is my bit of release, something I enjoy doing and something to pour my heart into. My passion. If there’s something you really want to do, then we should just go for it, take the leap, even if it's asking that hot guy who works in the local coffee shop for his number, then do it? Who knows what could come of it? (Disclaimer - I’m not responsible for anything that comes from your carpe diem moments!) edit out the real you

I see people around me editing themselves - all.the.time. Not just in the way they look (albeit it is the most common) but in the way the act and in the way they speak all in the hope that they gain a little bit of acceptance from those around them or some new Instagram followers. You just confidently do you and stop worrying about if your selfie is perfect If you’ve got the right filter on and if your hair is placed in the most insta-worth way. There’s only one of you and you are beautiful for it.


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