New Year, New Me

I’ve never been one for ‘New Year, New Me’ but with 2019 throwing me some unexpected curveballs, I think I was more excited to see in the New Year than Christmas. New Year is for more the most cliché time of the year, it doesn’t even come close to Valentines Day. Lose weight. Exercise more. Drink more water. Spend less time on social media. These are all resolutions that feature on many of the populations new years resolution list, be honest, at least one is on yours, isn’t it? They’ve even featured on mine in previous years but not this year - I’m topping the cheese factor with my list and my only aim is to be happy.

Sounds simple (and super cheesy), doesn’t it? And it is! But there are so many things that fall under this one resolution.

When I sat down with my thoughts to think of what I want to get from 2020, lots of things sprung to mind. Develop the blog, spend time with Bobby minus social media, Run more and actually complete the half marathon, Go back to school (in some entity), the list could go on and on and on but what I essentially mean by all of these things is to do the things that make me and my family happy. Running makes me happy… am I good at it? No, but it makes me feel good. The blog… for me there’s nothing better than sitting down to a blank writing screen and a cup of tea. Spending time with Bobby… no brainer. Go back to school… now I finally know what I want to study, this is actually something I cannot wait to get stuck in to.

However, I’m not going to say these are resolutions as such because what am I resolving? I’m a twenty-something mum who’s life is ever-changing. Instead of trying to resolve the things in me I’d like to change, I’m changing the perspective and seeing myself as evolving instead. If I don’t manage to drink water for a whole day, that’s not a broken resolution, I’ll try again tomorrow. Personally, I find the pressure of resolutions very daunting and personally quite damaging for my mental wellbeing. January is hard enough without the added pressure of breaking a resolution because you’ve skipped one gym session. Rome wasn’t built in a day and as adults, this goes for us too!

If I had to pick one resolution, as I mentioned previously it would definitely be to be happy aside from that I will definitely set myself some goals but these goals will be measurable and given achievable time frames meaning there’s minimal additional pressure on me to get them done.


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