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Oh h

ow the world went skincare mad overnight.

Is it just me or has everyone, all of sudden, just decided that they need a 14-step evening skincare routine that consists of 3 exfoliators and 5 cleansers? As a lover of skincare and having a beauty regime, I've always appreciated and understood the need to look after my skin ...but I knew this wasn't the case for everyone, until recently. The Big Skincare Bang happened and the world has been enlightened.

My Instagram feed is full of 17 ways to get the perfect skin and how to make your makeup bag more sustainable. I find myself questioning my skincare routine more than ever and wondering if there is another step that I should be adding to keep up with the Jones'?

The make-up wipe has had its day and there is a universal pursuit underway for products that will give you THAT glow. Having a high level of self-care and self-preservation is the imperative for Generation Z and skincare products that have been around for decades are now being bought back quicker than Corduroy.

Acids have flooded the market and beauty moguls such as The Ordinary have taken the skincare market by storm with their affordable skincare.

But how much self care is too much self care? Where do we draw the line? Looking after ourselves and spending time doing what we love shouldn't be cramped with having to keep up with society's norms and completing a over-prescribed skincare routine because we feel we have to. What happened to a good old T-Zone foam cleanser you could grab for 99p?

The skincare world and social media will tell you you need to up your skincare game and spend lots of money in the process but in reality; If you want to use a makeup wipe and have 20 minutes more sleep at night, then go for it! If you want to have a 5 step cleansing routine because it makes you feel good then who am I to stop you? You cleanse away.

It's hard to remember sometimes but spots, pimples, blemishes and uneven skin tones are beautiful. Having imperfect skin is beautiful and I'm sure having perfect skin is also beautiful but who we are on the inside is more important and there is so much more to us than our skincare routines!


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