The Covid-Diaries #2

Being a friend

Man, I miss my friends. I miss the little things that I took for granted. Popping to one of their houses for a wine, going out for dinner, heading for a dog walk, coffee dates. Whether your tribe is made up of 1 friend of 15 friends, everyone needs someone to put the world to rights with and someone to have a good cry to. Even though I miss them in person, I’ve never actually been closer to my friends. There’s (rarely) a day that I don’t speak to any of them and in fact, we speak and make time (virtually) for each other more than ever. Why? Because we all need it. I need a break from being mum & girlfriend and many of my close friends need breaks and some unwind time from being key workers. These are crazy times, we’re living in but I’m grateful to the HouseParties, the 500 messages of fake news WhatsApp group messages I have to catch up on (they’re piling up as I type this), the future plans we’re all making and I’ll be so grateful for the big hugs I can give them all when all this germiness is over. This horrible virus that has swarmed our country isn’t prejudiced, despite it affecting those with underlying health conditions more, it will infect anyone that it can get it hands-on, so it is so important to extend that olive branch to anyone and everyone around you. Tell your friends you love them, be a friend to your neighbour(s) and make sure they’re ok, smile (from 2metres away) at the person you see on your daily walk, reconnect with someone you’ve lost contact with (unless it’s an ex) and just be there for people. You can’t give people the world right now, but you can give people your time and at the moment, that’s worth its weight in gold.


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