The key to holidaying with a baby, part two.

So I wasn’t sure if our first holiday with the baby was a fluke. Good parents, nice villa, lovely weather, surprisingly well-behaved baby and no delays - Oh wait, we did have a 13-hour delay on the way home but atleast B wasn't that baby that had an inconsolable breakdown on the plane. It went well, very different to our previous no baby holidays but we won't reminisce on those. Holiday number two of the year and all of a sudden, we have a 9-month old crawling baby. But everything will be fine because its a STAYCATION!

These types of holidays are all the rage. What the Baby Boomers would call trendy. Why pack up all of your belongings into a weight restricted suitcase, go through various security checks with your clear bag of travel sized toiletries in tow and travel halfway across the globe when you can load a car with everything you've ever dreamed of taking on holiday and travel 2 hours up the M4 instead?

Just in case, here's the definition;




A holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad.

Every year, my other half's ever growing family (there's now 17 of us and a dog!) all travel to another part of the UK and stay in a big house for the week eating, drinking, eating some more, playing games and generally enjoying having some family time.

This was B's first year and I was extremely excited to be co-parenting with 17 others for the week but I did have some reservations. As you can probably tell by now I enjoy the odd Cotés de Provence (ice cubes are imperative) or Prosecco as much as the next twenty-something-year-old-mother-of-one, but with a baby to look after… would I be able to keep up with the pace I'd set myself in previous years? How on earth was I going to be able to put him to bed when the decibels in the house rarely fell to a safe level and what if I do something absolutely ridiculous when it comes to B, like dropping him off the sofa? I'm sure my mum guilt would be so much worse with 17 people watching. However, much to my surprise, I discovered the new key to holidaying with a baby and it's simply to take a Staycation.

Run out of nappies? No problem, there a Co-op down the road. Fancy going to the local pub? Guaranteed to find a decent pork pie. Need to phone a friend? No expensive calling charges. The pros are endless and there's absolutely no need for any chores or submitting to your daily routine - leave all of that at home, you’re on your holidays!

There’s something rejuvenating about a staycation. You're home but you’re not really home. It’s new and exciting and you don't know what to expect. Will the local Chinese takeaway do Kung Po chicken like ‘ours’? Even going to play minigolf in someone else's town is different, I mean they’re all jungle themed and I’ll forever be the bottom of the leaderboard anywhere I play but doing things you do at home in a new environment is refreshing and relaxing.

Relaxing until… the reality of having 16 other individuals pairs of hands ready and waiting to help you with B means you just keep pouring the wine. Glass after glass until you’re chaperoned to bed after preforming your ‘High Kick’ party trick for everyone to see. No, I don’t think I’ll ever learn.

Hassle-free, environmentally friendly and you get to see a corner of your country you’ve never seen before. Why wouldn’t you staycation? Time away from the 9-5 and switching off from the every day is so important, don't spend your precious time sweating trying to fold your travel pram at the plane door, stay at home ...unless you're going on an adults-only holiday to the Bahamas, then always go to the Bahamas.


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