The thoughts of a mum with a one year old

It's the 11th hour and very shortly our little 6lb 7oz pudding is going to be turning ONE. Its such a milestone for parents, old and new. In the midst of the 100th outfit change of the day and the nursery run, it hit me - his first birthday is upon us but before the chaos of party planning and trying not to sob my heart out, I thought I’d share some of the random thoughts that pop into my head as the big day approaches...

  1. Wait, where have 11 months gone?

  2. How on earth do we have a little boy?

  3. I think I miss my bump…

  4. I need to get planning, birthday, christening - shall we do a cake smash photoshoot or are they 2018?

  5. This party is to celebrate us as parents and that we’ve kept a child alive for one whole year! Champagne, please!

  6. Cows milk? We’ve just stepped away from the purees

  7. 12-month vaccinations are looming

  8. We definitely should’ve bought some baby gates by now

  9. Please please please don’t grow any more.

  10. No no no, don’t pull the dog’s ears

  11. Crawling was madness, surely you don’t want to walk yet?!

  12. We’ve all learnt so much this year!

  13. How have I been pregnant, had a baby, been on maternity leave and have a one-year-old already?

  14. I should probably put this 3-6 month baby grow in the attic...

  15. When will I stop spending so much of my spare time watching him sleep

  16. When I get five minutes, I should probably shave my legs

  17. Where are my car keys? *looks and finds them in the toy box*

  18. We’ve actually been pretty unscathed by sleepless nights, *touches wood*

  19. When am I going to “bounce back?”

  20. Stop crawling up the stairs!

  21. Back arching when going into the car seat - I thought that happened in the terrible twos?

  22. This time last year I was HUUUUUUGE and very moany.

  23. ANOTHER COLD. Calpol, you’re up.

  24. Do you know how much we love you little one?

  25. Still need to shave my legs...

  26. Where are your socks? Actually, should you be wearing shoes?

  27. Bobby stop throwing toys in the washing machine

  28. I definitely spend too much of my time sitting in the car trying not to wake a sleeping baby

  29. Sex? Too tired.

  30. Thank you for the best year of my life. Can’t wait to see what the next one brings.


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